Alderney Airport is located on the island of Alderney located on the Blaye, 1nm Southwest of St Anne

Alderney Ground130.505
Alderney Tower125.355
Jersey Control125.205

When no local services for Alderney are staffed, top down cover is provided by Jersey control

Runway 26 is the preferential runway when there is a tailwind component of 5 knots or less and the runway is dry

The taxiway chart can be viewed here

RunwayDimensions (m)SurfaceTORA (m)LDA (m)Lighting
03/21497×37GrassRwy 03: 497
Rwy 21: 497
Rwy 03: 497
Rwy 21: 497
08/26877×18Asphalt/GrassRwy 08: 877
Rwy 26: 877
Rwy 08: 877
Rwy 26: 877
Ap Thr Rwy APAPI 3o
13/31733×37GrassRwy 13: 733
Rwy 31: 733
Rwy 13: 733
Rwy 31: 733
Thr* Rwy* APAPI 3.5o

*Portable electric

RunwayInitial Fix
08AMOGA (North)
ROGTO (West)
ELDUN (South)
26UNUKI (North)
GOKOD (East)
TORVI (South)

There are no SIDs present at Alderney

There are no published STARs for Alderney

You can view the VRP chart here

Holding AreaDirection of turn
ALD079 degrees left hand

Omnidirectional departures are used for inter-island IFR flights the altitude restrictions are detailed below

VFR flights are conducted at an altitude not above 2000 feet

SVFR flights are conducted at an altitude not above 1000 feet

The carriage and operation of SSR transponder equipment with the following capability is mandatory when flying within the Channel Islands CTR, CTA or TMA:

  • When operating as a VFR or SVFR flight
  • When operating under IFR Mode A 4096 codes and Mode C with altitude reporting capability

Exemptions from the requirements may be given in the following circumstances:

  • For notified agreed events such as air rallies etc.
  • For short notice exemptions

Aircraft must be able to maintain radio communications with Jersey Control, Guernsey Approach and Alderney Tower

A low boundary fence is located short of the runway 03 and 31 thresholds and is markered with orange/white markers

Caution should be taken as turbulence may be experienced by nearby cliffs

Unpaved surfaces are rough

Birds frequent the airport, especially during migration series.

A large number of pheasants may also contribute as a hazard on the aerodrome

A Gannet colony exists to the west of the island

Below is the order in which you should contact a controller




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