Cardiff City Heliport is located within the city of Cardiff, 2 nautical miles southeast of the Cardiff Central area and sitting on the waterfront

Cardiff Heliport Radio120.655
Cardiff Radar119.155

Cardiff city heliport lies directly below the cardiff CTA which begins at 1000 feet, therefore it is imperative that pilots contact cardiff radar as soon as possible after departure

Image from OpenStreetMaps
Image from OpenStreetMaps

Circuits operate to the east of the heliport

Care should be taken not to overfly the fuel storage tanks on the starboard side when climbing out of runway 20

All arrivals and departures should avoid overflying congested areas as there is limited space for forced landings.

If overflying congested areas cannot be avoided then the helicopter must be at least 1000 feet above the nearest obstacle within a 600 meter radius of the helicopter

Aircraft should contact Cardiff radar as soon as possible after departure

Aircraft wishing to land at the heliport should inform cardiff radar on initial contact

Below is the order in which you should contact a controller




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