Denham aerodrome is located in Buckingham, 7.5 nautical miles north of Heathrow airport

Denham Radio130.730
Farnborough Radar (LARS)132.800

When airbourne and outside the Denham ATZ Farnborough radar can provide a radar service

For aircraft wishing to transit the London CTR, Denham Radio will coordinate with the relevant ATSU and relay the clearance to you

Runway 24 is the preferential runway when there is a tailwind component of 5 knots or less and the runway is dry

The taxiway chart can be viewed here

Circuits are left hand for runway 06 and right hand for runway 24

Runway 12/30 circuits are variable

Circuit altitude is at 1000 feet QNH

No overhead joins allowed

Establish radio contact with Denham Radio at 10 nautical miles away or 5 minutes away

Listen out to the frequency, if the circuit is busy then delay joining the circuit

Descend to circuit altitude and reduce speed for circuit if necessary before the VRP

Arrival runway 24

Report at Maple Cross VRP, fly the base leg over the lakes unless safe separation requires otherwise

Arrival runway 06

Report at St Giles VRP, fly the base leg to the east of the A413 unless safe separation requires otherwise

When over the respective VRP look out for aircraft downwind and give way- either reduce speed, or fly a larger circuit and maintain circuit altitude until it is safe to fit in

Do not orbit in the circuit

Do not climb above circuit altitude at 1000 feet QNH

Extend crosswind leg out of the circuit to VRP before turning on track

Runway 24

Fly runway heading until past the houses on the right, then turn right before the A413, where safely possible

Runway 06

Fly runway heading until past the caravan site on the left, then turn left over the lakes, where safely possible

IFR arrivals through the airway system should fly via one of Heathrows STARs (See here)

St Giles (North West)

Maple Cross (North)

Denham is located under the London CTR and as such it has an LFA, reducing the need for pilots to contact Heathrow Radar and can be viewed here

Pilots of aircraft flying in the LFA are responsible for providing their own separation against other aircraft

VFR flights may take place in the LFA subject to the following conditions:

In compliance of the Class D airspace minima

Operating at a maximum altitude of 1200 feet QNH

Aircraft unable to operate VFR may operate SVFR within the LFA subject to the following conditions:

Remain clear of cloud and visual with the surface

Operating not above altitude 1200 feet QNH

Minimum flight visibility of 3km

In compliance with the requirements for SVFR

Following heavy rain some parts of the aerodrome may be unsuitable for taxiing

Who to Contact

Below is the order in which you should contact a controller



If aircraft are wishing to transit the London CTR then the following handoff order should be followed if Denham Radio is closed



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