Fairoaks aerodrome is located in Surrey, 2 nautical miles north of Woking and 8 nautical miles south west of London Heathrow airport

Fairoaks Information/Radio123.430
Farnborough Radar125.250

Farnborough Radar may, subject to workload, provide an ATC service to aircraft inbound to Fairoaks

Runway 24 is the preferential runway when there is a tailwind component of 5 knots or less and the runway is dry

The taxiway chart can be viewed here


Circuits are variable and for aerodplanes occurs at an altitude of 1100 feet QNH and helicopters operate at 8– feet QNH

No turns should be conducted below 600 feet QNH

Inbound aircraft and traffic in the circuit should squawk 7010


Aircraft joining the circuit should normally enter the ATZ at 1400 feet QNH and descend to 1100 feet QNH when north of the runway prior to turning: downwind for runway 06 LH, crosswind for runway 24 LH, crosswind for runway 06 RH, downwind for runway 24 RH

An LFA is set up that encompasses the part of the Fairoaks ATZ that lies within the London Control Zone

VFR flights may take place within the LFA subject to the following conditions: incompliance with class D airspace weather minima, not be operating above altitude 1500 feet QNH

Pilots of aircraft flying in the LFA are responsible for providing their own separation from other aircraft operating within the relevant airspace

Aircraft may approach Fairoaks from the southern quadrant of the LFA, between the western and eastern fillets, but must remain west of the M25

Aircraft unable to operate VFR may operate SVFR within the LFA subject to the following conditions:

A. Remain clear of cloud and with the surface in sight

B. Maximum permitted altitude is 1500 feet QNH

C. Fly at a speed of 140 knots IAS or less

D. There must be a minimum cloud ceiling of 600 feet

E. There must be a minimum visibility of 3 km

Aircraft operating VFR/SVFR within the London CTR inbound to Fairoaks must not assume permission has been issued to penetrate the Fairoaks ATZ. Heathrow Radar will, whenever possible, permit an aircraft to leave their frequency temporarily to obtain such permission. If this is not possible then aircraft must leave the zone clear of the ATZ and route to Fairoaks from a southerly direction

Aircraft leaving the circuit will be instructed to squawk 7000, aircraft remaining in the circuit will be asked to squawk 7010

Pilots of aircraft departing from Fairoaks with the intention of entering the London CTR will normally be requested by the FISO to squawk a code that has been allocated by Heathrow.

Pilots should exercise extreme caution when taxiing through the apron/parking areas due to reduced wingtip clearance

Pilots are to avoid overflying the properties at the northeastern corner of the airfield below altitude 1100 feet QNH

Who to Contact

Below is the order in which you should contact a controller




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