Rules and Regulations

Appealing a Ban

Here you can find information for appealing a ban:

If you have been banned and wish to request an appeal please see the FAQ Below.

You will require sufficient evidence or equivalent.

Appealing can result in three ways:

  • Punishment Shortened
  • Removal (of punishment) with immediate effect

  • Removal (of punishment) with effect soon.

In your appeal you must include:

  • Name or Callsign (VA and Discord bans only require this information)
  • Ban reason
  • Moderator who banned you
  • Length Of Punishment
  • Appeal Reason/Request
  • Evidence or Equivalent.

Your Appeal will not be reviewed by the moderator who banned you.

Interest in Helping Out

You can review out vacancies in two ways, Either on our Discord server in the Vacancies Channel here or you can review them on our website here.

If you are interested then submit a ticket under the Jobs Help Category and write an application, If successful you will be invited to an interview and then arrangements will be made to provide integration into the team and if required training into the role.

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