One of the most common things that comes up in training is how to deal with non-standard IFR aircraft so I thought that I would create a post clarifying this and explaining Aviation Sim UK’s approach (after conversations with real world controllers). This will assume that all aerodrome and at least one approach controller is on.

What is non-standard IFR?

Non-standard IFR are aircraft that are flying as per instrument flying rules that are not going to depart via a standard routing (typically a SID)

Initial callup

When the aircraft first calls up the delivery controller will tell the aircraft to standby. The delivery controller will then contact the approach controller, telling them the callsign, aircraft type and the aircraft’s intentions. The approach controller will then either approve the startup or will let the delivery controller know of any delays. The approach controller will also issue a squawk code.

What about the after departure instructions

The approach controller then has two different options, they can phone up the tower controller and give the after departure instructions as well as potentially issuing a release, or they can wait for the tower controller to call up for a release and give the departure instructions with the release. (It should be noted that in the real world this is typically done by the approach controller through the electronic flight strips).

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