Laddingford airfield is located in Maidstone, 5 nautical miles east of Tonbridge

Farnborough Radar (LARS)123.225

Runway 29 is the preferential runway when there is a tailwind component of 5 knots or less and the runway is dry

Image from OpenStreetMaps
Image from OpenStreetMaps


Circuits are right hand for runways 21 and 29 and are left hand for runways 11 and 03

Circuits operate at a height of 1000 feet QFE

Pilots joining via the standard overhead should join at a height of 1500 feet QFE before descending on the deadside

Airfield may be closed in winter due to waterlogging

Aircraft must keep to the mown strips and manouvering areas

Pilots should avoid overflying the villages of Laddingford and Paddock Wood

Several drainage ditches are located near to the runways and taxiways, as such pilots should ensure they only use the prepared taxiways and runways

Pilots should beware that the airfield is located close to the Old Hey aerodrome which is located to the South East


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