Langar airfield is located 10 nautical miles east of Nottingham

Langar Drop Zone129.905
East Mids Radar (LARS)134.180

Runway 25 is the preferential runway when there is a tailwind component of 5 knots or less and the runway is dry

Image from OpenStreetMaps

Image from OpenStreetMaps

Runway 01/19 is for emergency use only and when the wind is above the crosswind limit for runway 07/25

Airfield is situated 3 nautical miles north east of the East Midlands CTA

Do not overfly the airfield- intense daily para dropping occurs up to FL150

Pilots should avoid overflying Harvy village located 1 nautical mile south of the airfield

Inbound pilots should contact Langar 7 nautical miles from the airfield for joining instructions, should expect to orbit if requested too

Pilots can usually expect a straight in approach or base leg join

Who to Contact

Below is the order in which you should contact a controller




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