Leeds Heliport is located within the city of Leeds and 0.75 nautical miles north of Leeds Airport.

Heli-Jet Ops129.750
Leeds Tower120.305
Leeds Radar134.580
Leeds ATIS118.030

Leeds Heliport is located within the Leeds CTR/CTA and as such has specific departure and arrival procedures

You will need to contact Leeds Radar and inform them that you want to land at Leeds Heliport and your requested route. Leeds Radar will then tell you to proceed as requested and will hand you off to Leeds Tower when you are visual with Leeds Heliport

When departing you will need a PPR and will need to contact Leeds Tower for permission to take off

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The following are routes you can use to get to Leeds Heliport, you need to contact Leeds radar before entering their zone:

Dewsbury (South)

Keighley (West)

Ilkley and Pool (West)

Huby and Pool (North-East)

Harewood and Pool (East)

Eccup and Pool (South-East)

Below is the order in which you should contact a controller




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