Lukesfield airfield is located in Maidstone, Kent, and is 2 nautical miles west of Staplehurst

Lukesfield Radio129.830

Runway 20 is the preferential runway when there is a tailwind component of 5 knots or less and the runway is dry

Image from OpenStreetMaps
Image from OpenStreetMaps


Circuits operate to the east of the airfield at a height of 1000 feet QFE

Pilots should join the airfield via the overhead at 1500 feet QFE

Double track E/W railway: 400 metres south

Dirt racing track: 500 metres east

Fishing laks: 1000 metres north

Pilots should avoid overflying all farm buildings and dwellings to the west

Pilots should park in front of the hangars on the north west side of the field

Who to Contact

Below is the order in which you should contact a controller




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