Rayne Hall Farm, also known as Braintree, is located 1 nautical mile to the west of Braintree

Stansted Radar120.625

Runway 27 is the preferential runway when there is a tailwind component of 5 knots or less and the runway is dry

Circuits operate to the south side

Image from OpenStreetMaps
Image from OpenStreetMaps

The aerodrome is located underneath the Stansted CTA, aircraft should remain below 2000 feet QNH unless they have recieved a clearance to enter CAS from Stansted Radar

Caution: Andrewsfield aerodrome is located 3 nautical miles to the north west of the airfield

Avoid overflying local villages

Caution: The runway is crossed by a public bridleway with a significant step either side

Who to Contact

Below is the order in which you should contact a controller


Optional: You can message Stansted radar (EGSS_APP) and see if they can give you a service outside of CAS, however, they are not obliged to


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