Redhill Aerodrome is an operational GA aerodrome located 1.5NM southeast of Redhill, Surrey. Close to Gatwick, you need to follow certain procedures to keep out of their airspace with IFR arrivals coming in every +-10 mins.

Redhill Tower119.605
Redhill ATIS125.305

Redhill only has a Tower service and remains above Gatwicks TMA.

Runway 08R/26L is the preferential runway when there is a tailwind component of 5 knots or less and the runway is dry

The taxiway chart can be viewed here

Local Squawks for Redhill can be found here:


Maximum Altitude is 1400ft on the QNH.

Aircraft wanting to leave/enter the Redhill Control Zone via Gatwick CTR must use the Redhill VRPs and Joining Procedures which can be found here (Page 9 Section 3 – Redhill LFA)

There is no dead side to the circuit.

Limits to the circuit include:

  • Middle of Benting Wood (West)
  • Redhill – Bletchingley Road A25 (North)
  • Outwood – Bletchingley Road (East)
  • Picketts and Brownslade Farms (South)

Circuits on 08/26 Runways are preferred to be to the North of the Aerodrome

Circuits on 18/36 Runways are preferred to be to the East of the Aerodrome

The Redhill control zone and VRP chart can be viewed here:

Buckland (North-West)

Godstone (North-East)

Godstone Railway Station (East)

M25 Junction 7 & 8 (North)

Below is the order in which you should contact a controller



Please note that if you want to enter the Gatwick Control Zone, contact Gatwick Director on 126.825 to be coordinated with the appropriate controllers.

If you want a basic service, please contact the above controllers.


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