Sturgate airfield is located in West Lindsey, Lincolnshire, approximately 4 nautical miles south east of Gainsborough

Sturgate Radio130.305
Waddington Zone (LARS/MATZ)119.500

Runway 27 is the preferential runway when there is a tailwind component of 5 knots or less and the runway is dry

Image from OpenStreetMaps
Image from OpenStreetMaps


Circuits operate to the north of the airfield at a height of 1000 feet QFE

Due to the close vicinity of RAF Scampton EG-R313, aircraft should contact Waddington Approach at least 10 nautical miles from the MATZ boundary

Pilots should use caution when on the approach to runway 09 as a public road crosses the final approach path

Runway 14 and 32 is closed

Who to Contact

Below is the order in which you should contact a controller




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